MetalKraft: Enriching homes, gardens and lives with decorative metalwork in Great Missenden

MetalKraft create metalwork to suit the practical needs of their clients while maintain the natural look of the surrounding environment in Great Missenden.

We rely on traditional skill sets, while incorporating modern metalwork techniques, allowing our team of craftsmen to create unique works of art to the specification of our clients in the Great Missenden area. We work closely with our clients through the design process as the work we undertake becomes a lasting part of the landscape. Structure and function are vital to the MetalKraft philosophy, understanding and ensuring that the aesthetics of any installation are a balance of what is practical and what the client requires.

MetalKraft specialise in manufacturing and installing balconies and balustrades, railings, staircases, metal gates and purely decorative metalwork in Great Missenden. We can work with you to build your specification or we can provide you with our design portfolio and back catalogue of accomplishments.

For a metalwork quotation in the Great Missenden area, give us a call on 01494 523959 for a free, no obligation quote, we can talk you through our processes and advise on how to proceed.